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NTIS Process

The Northwest NTIS Process:

The National Team Identification Series (NTIS) Northwest Regional selection process gives players in the seven states that make up the region a opportunity to work their way toward USA Baseball National Team programs.  Players ages 11 - 16 (calendar year birthdate)

Step 1: Section Prospect Identifier

The Section Prospect Identifiers are a skills assessment event that are available to ALL PLAYERS interested in participating.   The region is divided into States and further into sections with each section hosting multiple Section Prospect Identifiers across all eligible age groups.  Players are tested and evaluated by NTIS Task Force.  The top performing players are recognized as ALL SECTION and become State Pool Players.  They are submitted to the State Directors Panel for consideration for the 2nd Round Selection event - State Prospect Combine.  PLEASE NOTE: selection as ALL Section is not an invitation to the State Combine.

Players not selected as All Section are welcome to register for another Prospect Identifier anywhere within the region to take another shot.  

Step 2: State Prospect Combine

The ALL SECTION players that make up the State Pool will be reviewed and the top performers by position from the complete pool will be invited to the State Prospect Combine.  The purpose of the Prospect Combine is to gather the top State Pool players to be evaluated.  The State Prospect Combine events will be 1-2 days held in June.  Further and more in depth skills assessments as well as competitive environment testing will be used to evaluate player ability/performance.   

Step 3: Regional Team Selection

The top performers from each State Prospect Combine will be recognized as All State NTIS Players as will make up the Northwest Regional Pool.  Regional Pool players will be considered by the Regional Directors Panel for selection to the 2 Northwest Regional Teams per age group that will compete in the Champions Cup in Cary, N.C. in August.  Players selected as well as alternates will be notified by the Regional Directors Office of their selection for a NW Region Team by early July.

Step 4: Champions Cup

11U & 13U NTIS Champions Cup: August 7-11, 2019
12U & 14U NTIS Champions Cup: August 14-18, 2019
15U & 16U NTIS Champions Cup: August 21-25, 2019

The NTIS Champions Cup takes place at the USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina. The event features 12 teams per age group and athletes will participate in workouts and a championship-style tournament while being evaluated by national team coaches and scouts. Following the Champions Cup, USA Baseball will invite a minimum of 72 athletes to national team and National Team Development Program (NTDP) events in the subsequent calendar year.

- 16U NTIS will name 12 players to the 2020 17U National Team Development Program
- 15U NTIS will name 12 players to the 2020 16U National Team Development Program
- 14U NTIS will name 12 players to the 2020 15U National Team Trials
- 13U NTIS will name 12 players to the 2020 14U National Team Development Program
- 12U NTIS will name 12 players to the 2020 13U Athlete Development Program
- 11U NTIS will name 12 players to the 2020 12U National Team Trials

Players identified in each round of the process will be recognized for their achievements.  Levels of recognition include:

  • Prospect Identifier Selections = State Pool Players
  • State Prospect Combine Invites 
  • State Prospect Combine Selections = Regional Pool Players
  • Northwest Regional Team Selections 
  • National Team Development Team Program, National Open and National Team Trials Selections

Age Eligibility

  • 11U NTIS: players born in 2008
  • 12U NTIS: players born in 2007
  • 13U NTIS: players born in 2006
  • 14U NTIS: players born in 2005
  • 15U NTIS: players born in 2004
  • 16U NTIS: players born in 2003

*The 12U Camps will also serve as an identification event for this year's 12U National Open which is the final National level ID event for the 2019 12U National Team.

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